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Grounded Fitted Deep Pocket Sheet (Twin)

Earthing can significantly enhance and improve sleep so why not ground yourself while you sleep. Simply put, grounding and sleeping go hand-in-hand. Experience the benefits of earthing with this silver fiber fitted sheet with deep pockets. Earthing has been proven to reduce EMF's, provide healthy energy, improve sleep and offer natural wellness. You will be grounded to the earth's essential energy so you can experience effortless health benefits and electrostatic shielding protection.

These deep pocket sheets are made from cotton with a pure silver fibre evenly threaded throughout the bedsheet. The fitted sheet is designed to fit the mattress similar to a regular bottom fitted sheet. The sheet also has elastic corner deep pockets, approximately 18” deep making it fit really nice over top thicker mattresses.

Remember that you will need some bare skin (feet, hands, face etc.) in contact with the grid of your bed, this will create that beautiful circuit of energetic harmony.

The package includes: 1 silver/cotton bed sheet and 1 grounding cable. Grounding can effectively improve the quality of sleep, make it easier for people to get into deep sleep, reduce stress, relieve muscle pain and headache symptoms, alleviate menstrual symptoms, accelerate wound healing and so on. After grounding, some people may immediately feel the benefits, others may use it for a period of time to feel the benefits of the body, while others may not feel obvious, but the body is benefiting from it. Start resetting the body’s biological clock with this fitted sheet today.

Grounded Fitted Deep Pocket Sheet (Twin)

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