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Mandala Rock Painting Kit

Perfect for those who enjoy the creative and peaceful pastimes of arts and crafts, Paint Your Own Mandala Stones will teach you how to create stunning hand-made pieces of art, ideal for displaying in your home or garden, or as a stunning gift for a loved one.

Join author and mandala-stone artist, Katie Cameron, as she guides you step-by-step through the process of making eight different designs; providing tips, tricks and handy hints along the way that will allow you to dot and paint like a pro. Taking inspiration from the world around her, this selection of Katie's most stunning designs range from a simple-but-beautiful Radiating-Dot mandala to a detailed and intricate Nature-Inspired mandala, guaranteed to delight all who see them.

With step-by-step instructions and accompanying photographs for every design, you will be creating your own serene works of art in no time.


• 4 large river stones

• 5 acrylic paints

• 2 fine paintbrushes

• 5 dotting tools

• 24-page book

Mandala Rock Painting Kit

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