Musical Canvases  - Post Malone
The cost of this paintings is a donation of your choice (minimum $60 please) - proceeds will be donated to WISE school of Edmonton to help nurture young minds with a natural and creative learning environment. 

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One 18x20 paintings on Canvas by Connor Groves. 

This piece is inspired by Post Malone’s  “Take What You Want” Featuring Ozzy Osborne & Travis Scott.

Connor is an artist with Fragile X Syndrome and Autism from Edmonton AB. He loves and is inspired by music. He also loves to paint. Connor listens to songs and videos, watches them and then paints more inspired by the beat of the music. He loves all music, especially Rock ‘n’ Roll, Kiss, Bon Jovi, Journey but also loves country too - Johnny Cash and Billy Ray Cyrus.

You can find more Zachary’s work on Facebook, Musical Canvases Page.

Musical Canvases - Post Malone