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Red Beet Root Scrub Mask
Have you tried our Red Beet Root Scrub yet??? Made with Honey & Sweet Almond oil & Wonderful for ALL skin types. We use Cranberry fibre and ground Cane Sugar for an ultra fine deep yet extremely gentle exfoliation. •Red Beet Root powder is packed with vitamin C, it helps replenish dead skin cells and promote collagen production. But that’s not all, we’ve added a powerhouse blend of essential oils...•Ylang Ylang Oil hydrates skin, treats acne, fades wrinkles improves tone and texture.•Geranium oil balances the skins sebum production, evens skin tone, heals scars and kills bacteria that can lead to acne and eczema.•Rose Oil is packed with vitamins and minerals, it has emollient properties to moisturize dry skin, it acts as an anti-inflammatory to treat redness and irritated skin, and is also a great astringent.•Lavender Oil calms skin, reduces, redness and evens skin tone, helps to fight acne and prevents wrinkles.•Jasmine Oil balances Hormone helping balance skin oils without over drying, promotes a stable healthy glow, reduces signs of aging, helps with oily skin conditions and dry skin conditions and psoriasis. 

Red Beet Root Scrub Mask

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