Woo’d Necklace by Miss June
Woo'd by Miss June

Woo'd by Miss June is a  wearable-art series featuring bark collected from the slick, sandy shores of the Great Slave River Rapids in Canada's Wood Buffalo National Park. The region, with its proximity to the oilsands operations, is under constant threat of being flooded to create a dam for that industrial complex; this would eradicate the world-class rapids, traditional activities of the indigenous peoples that live there, displace entire communities *and* destroy the nesting grounds of the pelicans and endangered Whooping Cranes that return to nest there each year. Preservation: required.

Miss June is an educator, visual artist, and creator of Woo'd, a line of jewelry made with earthly materials, as-found-in-nature, preserving precious gifts from nature in wearable-art...with a conscience. The roughness of the rapids on these tiny pieces of trees has cured them into ancient touchstones for today.

(Limited Edition items are appliquéd with pressed flora and fauna from Treaty 8 Territory.)

Woo’d Necklace by Miss June